About rihumi

Rihumi stands for Right to Humus Initiative. As the name suggests, it is simply an initiative aimed at defending and promoting the right to humus. Humus is not merely an environmental issue, it’s a human right. We are convinced that we would all be better off in a world in which humans use humus in a sustainable way. We need clear international and national laws that protect our soils. Convinced of the fact that we all depend on healthy and fertile land, rihumi wants to push for a legal framework that protects our soils (and therefore us).

Apart from asking you to defend and promote the right to humus however you can, rihumi lobbies other humans to do whatever is in their power to have a positive impact on our soils. While it is often said that only states have human rights obligations, rihumi believes that everyone has some kind of human rights obligation. If you live in a real democracy, you are the state. Even in case you are not allowed to vote, most of your actions have an impact on the right to humus of yourself and others. This makes it easy for everyone to do something to defend and promote the right to humus. Don’t wait for politicians to act.

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