Lobby politicians and political parties and make them do something for the right to humus. Vote for those who do.

Instead of only targeting politicians, also lobby farmers, food retailers, consumers, organisations, friends, family and random strangers. Everyone can make a positive change. Ask them to have a look on the website of rihumi and to sign the petition.

Just ask them what they are doing to protect and promote humus. You can download and print this sample handout and use it to approach anyone you like (e.g. when buying fruit on the market or when paying the bill in a restaurant) Download form

Have you ever wondered how little media-attention is given to soil degradation and other essential issues dealing with sustainability? In order to change this, you could pressurise journalists to write about soil (e.g. "2015 International Year of Soils", "World Soil Day", Desertification etc.). For a change, many issues that are frequently mentioned in the newspapers (such as violent conflicts, refugees, global warming, poverty or trade) could be highlighted from a "soil" perspective.